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Our Mission

We partner with schools and the community in the Ganthier region of Haiti to develop and fund educational programs empowering children and adults, building the next generation of skilled Haitian men and women.

Konekte ( kon’ek-teh ) means to connect, in Haitian Creole

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We rely on your contributions to change lives

What we do

Fund teacher salaries at Collège Mixte Marius Carnold so children can stay in school regardless of their ability to pay, providing continuity of education to the students and job security to the teachers. We conduct teacher training seminars and workshops.

Support educational programs at Collège Mixte Marius Carnold and La Référence de Ganthier that empower students to become productive members of their community. We support curriculum enrichment programs at both schools, including art classes, a music program and field trips.

Develop courses and curriculum for the newly founded University of Ganthier (in August 2023) offering college level classes in Science of Education and Science of Business and Administration.  We source teachers in Haiti, France and the US.

Build ties with the Haitian community with trips for adults and students from the Princeton area and beyond  through construction projects, games, art, music and sport. Emphasis is on teamwork and cooperation in order to establish a genuine long term partnership with the schools and the community.

Sponsor children from the orphanage Maison d’Enfants Par La Foi to attend La Référence de Ganthier.

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About haiti


of children after 2nd grade cannot read


of students reach sixth grade on time


of adult Haitians are illiterate


registration in secondary school


of teachers lack adequate training


of schools are government funded

Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere with 50% of its population living below the poverty line ($2.41 a day), and 25% living in extreme poverty (less than $1.12).

85% of schools in Haiti are private. Haitians value education for girls and boys but often do not have the money for school fees, uniforms and books. This leads to high absenteeism, dropout rates and adult illiteracy.

Haiti has suffered a history of political exploitation, corruption and extreme natural disasters such as the devastating 2010 earthquake followed by a severe cholera outbreak, hurricane Matthew in 2016 and frequent flooding and erosion due to tropical storms.

Haiti has a rich vibrant culture of art, music, storytelling and dance.

Our Latest News



October 2023 – Back to School at Collège Mixte Marius Carnold and La Référence de Ganthier

Children are back at school. We see happy faces eager to learn and be with friends, full of hope. Thanks to you, our partner schools are able to provide over 1000 children with a safe space to continue their education.  The academic standard remains high, with exam results far exceeding the average for the region. 

We continue to fund teacher salaries at Collège Mixte Marius Carnold, which helps families enormously. However, due to economic circumstances in Haiti a number of students are still not able to attend due to lack of funds for uniforms, backpacks and books. Missing school days has a huge impact on academic success. This year we will extend our funding to help these families

Progress over the summer at both schools has been impressive. We have funded the construction of a teacher dormitory at both schools so teachers do not have to travel through dangerous areas. We have also funded the installation of solar panels at both schools providing consistent power for lighting, internet and charging computers.

Our teachers take their work very seriously and are always keen to improve and enhance their skills. KONEKTE funds a 2 week teacher training seminar, one in each school, prior to the new school year which the teachers attend enthusiastically.

With the help of some generous sponsors, KONEKTE continues to fund school fees so children from “La Maison d’Enfants par la Foi” can attend La Référence. This year we are increasing the number to include the younger children as we believe a strong elementary education is essential for academic success.                  We desperately need more sponsors for these children.  Please let us know if you can help.


The staff and teachers at both schools thank you deeply for keeping them in your thoughts. They frequently tell us how the connection they have with friends of KONEKTE makes them feel supported and gives them courage and hope.

2023 – The past two years has seen political upheaval and civilian unrest in Haiti. The 2021 assassination of President Jovenel Moise and subsequent violence and rising inflation has made life very difficult for the majority of Haitians. In spite of this, our schools and community have managed to continue educating their children and providing a sense of normalcy in trying times. We continue to be impressed by the resiliency, determination and dedication of the teachers and students.

Thanks to support from our donors, over the past 2 years we have:

Paid a liveable wage to teachers at CMMC (inflation is at 30%) and funded the purchase of solar panels and batteries to bring reliable electricity to the school

Provided funding for La Référence to build a teacher dormitory above the cafeteria, so teachers do not have to commute through dangerous areas, and complete a security gate.

Provided funding for both schools to buy materials for new benches and tables for the increased number of students in all classes, including tables and chairs for preschool and kindergarten.

Due to skyrocketing food prices in Haiti, KONEKTE purchased rice and beans in the DR, with the help of Pastor Valentin of Foundation For Peace and distributed them to students and their families.

15 children from Maison d’Enfants orphanage are now sponsored to attend La Référence and the orphanage received bags of rice and beans. 

2020 – Students in both schools are back in the classroom wearing masks, social distancing and with access to hand washing stations. They were able to complete the 2019/2020 school year and after a short break will commence the 2020/2021 academic year in November.

We have been very impressed with the staff and teachers who have implemented a safe transition back to school so the students can continue their education in these challenging times.

2020 presented challenges for so many. We are grateful for the support you have given KONEKTE. 

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