KONEKTE Princeton Haiti

Collège Mixte Marius Carnold

Our Story

CMMC was founded in 2007 by Marius Diery and serves children from Preschool through 12th grade in Fond Parisien in the community of Ganthier. After the earthquake in 2011 many families relocated to the area near the school. Diery welcomed all children regardless of their ability to pay. A new school building, funded by a NJ-based non-profit, Foundation For Peace, was built in 2011. KONEKTE has partnered with CMMC since then, during which time the student body has grown from 80 students to over 300.

“For me, the best schools are not the ones that take only the gifted children or those from rich families, but the ones that welcome children who cannot pay, so they too can become citizens of their country.”  

Marius Diery

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2011  80 students in preschool to 12th grade housed in 8 cramped and noisy classrooms with no electricity or water.

2023  Over 400 students in preschool to 12th grade, a full school campus with 8 additional classrooms for high school, a school office, electricity, internet, a well, a garden, a basketball court and a playground.

Our work

Fund teacher salaries so children can stay in school regardless of their ability to pay, reducing absenteeism and dropout rates, improving exam results and teacher retention. The student body has grown from 80 to over 300.

Fund infrastructure and improvement projects including new classrooms, bathrooms, a well, a vegetable garden, electricity and internet access, a basketball court and playground 

Donate supplies including furniture, books, early childhood education materials, art supplies and soccer equipment. 

Provide teacher training in topics such as early childhood education, learning styles, project based learning, math, science, language, reading and art. 

Maintain a strong partnership with the staff and students through regular visits.

School Pride

In 2016, in close collaboration with students and staff, Madelaine Shellaby, an art teacher, created a design for a school mural. This was painted by students of the school and our summer volunteers.

Students and staff came up with a school motto to reflect their philosophy: “Une Nouvelle École pour une Nouvelle Société”, “A New School for a New Society”  A student government was formed with ministers responsible for education and curriculum, civics, sport and maintaining the garden. One of its major goals is to secure the means to make a hot meal at least once a week for the entire school. During the coronavirus pandemic the student government has been instrumental in getting food packages to vulnerable families .

Due to the improved infrastructure and professional direction by Marius Diery and his team CMMC was approved as a state exam site in 2015.  This means local school children do not have to travel over an hour to take the official 9th grade state exam.

Sports and Extracurricular

Sport is an important part of the curriculum at CMMC and is an integral part of the school culture. The boys soccer teams play in local leagues and have done well. The girls also play soccer, and enjoy other ball games and fitness classes. 

The staff arrange an annual field trip for students to visit another part of their country and play a soccer tournament .


“I love the sense of community at our school. The teachers are very committed and we have plenty of opportunity to learn different skills.”


“I love teaching at CMMC because the students are happy to learn and the staff supports one another.”