KONEKTE Princeton Haiti

Every child deserves an education

A monthly donation helps us ensure that children can stay in school and receive the continuity of education they deserve.

Or send a check to KONEKTE Princeton Haiti
369 Riverside Drive Princeton NJ 08540

Your Donation

  • funds teacher salaries at College Mixte Marius Carnold so children can stay in school regardless of their ability to pay
  • supports curriculum enrichment programs including art, music, sport and field trips
  • funds construction projects at CMMC and La Référence de Ganthier
  • sponsors a student from the orphanage Maison d’Enfants par la Foi. $750 for elementary school, $875 for secondary.


85% of schools in Haiti are private. For the more than 50% of families living in poverty, education for their children is an expense they can barely afford. As well as tuition they need to pay for uniforms and books. Many children miss days or even weeks at a time due to lack of money for fees, food or both. Many children are not in their age appropriate class, more than half leave before 6th grade and a mere 30% attend high school.  Illiteracy rates in Haiti are the highest in Latin America and the Caribbean.