KONEKTE Princeton Haiti

Connecting Through Partnership

Our focus is on partnership and collaboration. We are grateful for the relationships we have developed with other organizations in Haiti and here in the US. 

Maison d'Enfants

Over the past 8 years KONEKTE has developed a partnership with Maison d’Enfants par La Foi, an orphanage in the hills above Ganthier run by Madame Célianie, who cares for the children as her own. On summer trips our volunteers visit and conduct games and educational activities with the children of all ages. We have gathered supplies donated by Princeton area families to send to the orphanage. Thanks to sponsors, many of the children now attend La Référence school which offers the best education in the area as well as music, art and sport. The children love it and are doing very well. We are now extending scholarships to even the youngest children as we believe a strong elementary education is essential for academic success. We need your help to do this. If you would like to sponsor a child to attend school please contact us at anne.konekte@gmail.com


Complexe Educatif Men Nan Men

This vocational school ( its name means Hand in Hand) in Ganthier is a long term project of NJ based Foundation for Peace.The school has provided language classes in English and Spanish to community area children and adults for 10 years and now also offers computer classes and other vocational training in sewing, cooking, tiling, driving and more. Students at La Référence take computer classes here. KONEKTE summer trip volunteers worked on the construction of this school for several consecutive years, seeing it through to completion. KONEKTE has hosted teacher training and business programs here as well as soccer tournaments and field day activities for our partner orphanages.

KONEKTE is now working with Pastor Valentin of FFP to build college level courses in Education Sciences and Business and Administration.

Foundation For Peace has been working hand in hand with the Haitian community since the 2010 earthquake.  FFP staff in the US and in Haiti have helped us with our projects and summer trips since 2011. Through FFP we have been able to meet many local community members, visit remote villages and learn more about Haitian culture.  Most recently KONEKTE visited the Dominican Republic with FFP and is helping with a program called Pathway to Dignity which works to obtain identification papers for Haitian immigrants.

Foundation For Peace

Some years ago we reflected on how we could best partner with this home for some 30 boys ages 3 to 16. We came up with the idea to give them a day out to remember. Other than going to school they rarely get to leave the orphanage. We have taken them on visits to museums and the national soccer stadium and a local park for lunch and games. In recent years our summer trip volunteers have organised a full day of activities at Men Nan Men school campus including educational activities, a treasure hunt, ‘olympic’ team sports, craft projects, singing and dancing.

L’Orphelinat Emmanuel in Port au Prince

The French American Academy, Jersey City, NJ

In 2018, 3 teachers and the principal of FAA visited Ganthier with KONEKTE. They immediately felt connected with the communities they met, and decided to partner with the 2 schools with a vision to build connections between teachers, and develop programs between the students. As a first step teachers from FAA and La Référence shared songs and videos.
The staff reached out to the school community in New Jersey who donated instruments and money for the music program at La Référence and in 2019 a young FAA student organized a fundraiser for his birthday and donated the proceeds to La Référence.