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Every summer from 2011 to 2018 KONEKTE led a group of teenagers and adults on a trip to Haiti to build ties with the local community through construction projects, games, art music and sport. Emphasis has always been on collaboration and teamwork. Our summer trip participants return with a deeper understanding of the challenges many Haitians face, a love and appreciation of Haitian culture and life long friendships. Over 100 people have experienced Haiti with us so far.

Over the past 8 years, our hardworking teams have...

Construction projects: worked side by side with the community on a variety of construction projects, including building and painting new classrooms and installing playground equipment at CMMC, building a perimeter wall at La Reference, helping with the construction of the vocational school Men Nan Men, and a new church building in the remote village of Kwa Koq.

Summer camp programs: built relationships with local school children and two orphanages, engaging through summer camp activities such as educational games, sport, art and dance. We combine the joy of interacting through play while instilling values of cooperation, rule following and good sportsmanship.

Sharing skills: connected with school age children and local adults through art classes, teacher training sessions, business seminars, and English conversation practice.

Yearly soccer tournament: brought the community together to compete in a yearly soccer tournament involving 4 local teams from 4 different towns. Soccer is the most loved sport in Haiti.The KONEKTE soccer tournament was made possible by coaches from Princeton FC who accompanied us to Haiti on several occasions. Each time the games bring an enthusiastic, and competitive, audience of supporters from the surrounding area.

We hope to continue our group trips to Haiti when circumstances allow.

Interested? Watch our slideshows for a deeper understanding of how you can have an impact, and apply below.

Share your skills

We are always looking for volunteers who have a passion for education (you do not need to be a teacher), and who would like to build programs with us that will be shared online with our students and teachers in Haiti. If you are interested, please apply below.

Teacher Training Programs

KONEKTE is committed to working with Haitian teachers, offering them programs to enhance and enrich their curriculum and their teaching experience. In previous years we have organized days of teacher training on site during our trips to Haiti. In light of actual world events, we are developing an online educa – tion program using zoom, and other technology.
KONEKTE will start a range of programs for dedicated Upper School students to be conducted online and via zoom after school hours. Programs will focus on a variety of topics including: strengthening educational skills such as English or French conversation, building leadership, identifying and solving local problems, community action such as starting a reading/writing program for young children in the Ganthier community. We will also build a global education program with students from other countries.

Student Enrichment Programs

Connect Us With...

Our partner schools in Haiti are looking for school materials such as computers, musical instruments and art supplies. If you know any people, companies or organizations that can donate items, please connect us with them.

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